Nutrition through life

Starting children on a healthy diet helps them to develop good habits as well as to grow and develop healthily. You can learn more about your child’s nutrition, including ideas of what to cook from Pre-school children - British Nutrition Foundation.

If you have any concerns about your child’s eating, please talk to the Nursery Manager.

This is what we do in our Nursery:


Staff who prepare food have at leave Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate.

Small groups undertake activities involving food as part of their curriculum.


Meal times are a social event, where children and staff can sit together and chat about what they have done at nursery and at home. We appreciate any information and advice parents can give about their children’s eating preferences and we will help them to try a wider range of food than they may have previously been used to.


We offer a variety of healthy snacks for the children to choose from - raw vegetables and fruit and water. This is provided by us. We do not offer snacks containing nuts, gelatin or other animal products.


Lunchtime food for Sparking Stars Nursery is prepared at Hornbeam Academy, William Morris Campus kitchen. We cater for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, vegans and children with special dietary requirements.


Sparkling Stars collect information on allergies during the admission process. This information is accessible to all staff in the Nursery and we collaborate with the Kitchen to ensure information is cross-checked against the list of allergies.