Parent Testimonial

We could not recommend Sparkling Stars highly enough. After visiting and trying several nurseries in the area, we finally found the perfect one. All the staff are extremely caring and professional. They go out of their way to ensure that all the children are happy and developing as they should be.

Our daughter loves arriving for nursery every day and the staff have gone above and beyond what is expected to ensure she has everything she needs to be happy. As a teacher, I understand how important it is for children to be happy where they are learning and the children at Sparkling Stars are smiling every time I see them. The staff have been enthusiastically helping with our daughter’s development and keep us well-informed as to how she is doing each day, going out of their way to help us with too many things to possibly list here.

It is, by far, the best nursery we have ever come across and we feel extremely lucky to be able to send our daughter there.

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Sparkling Stars.

Bryan Lilhac, Parent

After having a bit of a nightmare with our previous childcare provider we finally found the perfect little nursery for our daughter!

Sparkling Stars is amazing, it's so calm and homely. She was settling in with another little girl and they both cried when it was time to leave! The staff are great and you can really tell that they love what they do. And to top it all off I get observations and pictures straight to my phone via the app!

I literally cannot recommend them enough, my daughter loves it and she's learned so much in such a a short space of time.

Thank you so much guys, I'm forever grateful x
Melissa Cuffey, Parent

I can not recommend Sparkling Stars highly enough. After viewing several nurseries, we finally found Sparkling stars and instantly knew it was the one for us! All the staff are lovely and very helpful. Always happy to answer any questions that you may have. They go above and beyond to keep our son happy.

Although it’s a small setting it has got a real home from home feel, which was important for us and helps our son to be happy where he is learning and playing, and all the children at Sparkling Stars always seem happy and cared for.

The staff keep us well informed as to how he is doing everyday on collection.

A huge thank you to ALL the wonderful staff at Sparkling Stars.

Kristine Broom, Parent